The various kinds of betony all have angular upright stems and soft, hairy leaves, usually aromatic. The labiate flowers are clustered along the upper parts of the stems, often small in themselves, but together making attractive splashes of colour, which is usually in the pink-purple range.
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Stachys byzantina

Densely hairy all over; silvery grey foliage and spikes of pink flowers.

Stachys byzantina 'Primrose Heron'

Lamb's lugs with yellow-grey foliage and spikes of dark pink, woolly flowers.

Stachys macrantha

Upright spikes with whorls of violet-purple tubular flowers.

Stachys macrantha superba

Hooded purply pink flowers emerge on strong stems from rosettes of hairy leaves.

Stachys monieri white-flowered

White-flowered form of the alpine betony; hairy leaf rosettes.