Question: what is the plural of Sempervivum? Anyway, the houseleeks all form tight rosettes of fleshy leaves, each rosette producing a number of offsets each year, so that a spreading, tight mat soon forms. After a few years a rosette may decide to flower, in which case it sends up a short stem, topped with a cluster of flowers, pink or yellow. It then dies, its place in the mat taken by youngsters. There are hundreds of named varieties, of which we offer some of the more distinctive ones, including some new varieties, bred by the late Matthew Ruane at Brynhyfryd Nursery. See also Jovibarba.
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Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Rubrum'

Mat-forming clusters of deep red rosettes, covered by a white cobweb of hairs.

Sempervivum arachnoideum subsp. tomentosum

Small, green and red leaved, highly cobwebbed rosettes.

Sempervivum 'Black Mountain'

Rosettes of succulent green foliage edged with dark red.

Sempervivum 'Engle's'

Rosettes covered in bloom, dusky grey green at centre, rose pink at edge.

Sempervivum 'Heigham Red'

Pointed leaves, green tipped and red in the centre, in compact rosettes.

Sempervivum 'Mahogany'

Yellow-green leaves with mahogany tips and pale pink flowers.