Campanula - large varieties

These taller campanulas are herbaceous perennials, with flowers opening in sequence along the lengths of the flowers spikes. They are generally reasonably vigorous, and will form good clumps. If they are cut back after the first flowering, further crops of flowers can be obtained. Included here are varieties of Campanula puncata, a valuable species flowering from early summer to well on into autumn. All varieties have large tubular bell flowers, not flared, hanging downwards, normally some shade of pink, white or purple, and spotted with red or purple. See also Adenophora for some species related to Campanula, and Codonopsis for some climbing Campanula relatives.
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Campanula kirpicznikovii

Creamy white, bell-shaped flowers above sage green leaves.

Campanula makaschvilii

Arching stems with pink flowers along their length; from the Caucasus.

Campanula punctata var. hondoensis

Large tubular bell flowers, cream and flecked with red inside.