Meconopsis baileyi and other blue poppies

The famous blue poppies include three species, some hybrids, and not all blue! The plants we offer should all be perennial (so long as they are not allowed to flower in their first year), slowly increasing to form clumps. From the winter buds at ground level emerge hairy leaves, longer and more pointed in Meconopsis grandis than in M. betonicifolia. The tall stems, each carrying many large poppy flowers, grow rapidly, to start blooming usually in early June, with the show lasting well over a month.
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Meconopsis 'Ascreavie'

Perennial blue poppy with super propeller-shaped petals;

Meconopsis baileyi 'Hensol Violet'

A strain of the 'blue' poppy with reddish purple flowers with yellow stamens.

Meconopsis 'Huntfield'

A superb form with deep blue flowers shaded purple.

Meconopsis 'Marit'

Hybrid of a blue poppy with Meconopis integrifolia with white flowers.

Meconopsis 'Slieve Donard'

Superb blue poppy, with large, sky-blue flowers.

Meconopsis 'Stewart Annand'

Tall, late season blue poppy, with clear blue flowers.