Primula allionii varieties

The many varieties of Primula allionii and its hybrids provide wonderful colour at the time when we wonder whether winter will ever end. They form tight domes of small leaves, often sticky, but the foliage is usually completely hidden by the masses of quite large, almost stemless flowers. Excessive wet in the cushion of foliage, particularly in winter, will cause rot, so they are usually grown in an alpine house or greenhouse, but any site sheltered from rain will do, such as tucked in a crevice on the sheltered side of a raised bed or in a trough. They do fine outside in places where there is reliable winter snow cover.
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Primula 'Hemswell Blush'

Pink flowers with yellow eyes.

Primula 'Jackie Richards'

A vigorous allionii hybrid with large, pale blue-violet flowers.

Primula x pubescens 'Lilac Fairy'

Dome of neat foliage covered with a mass of pink-purple flowers.