All of the edelweiss species are lovely, with silvery grey (occasionally green) mats of foliage and short, upright stems carrying the starry heads of flowers, which are always thickly covered in tiny hairs to give felt-like indumentum. In fact the flowers are insignificant, and the most visible and attractive parts are the softly hairy, silvery grey bracts, making a multi-pointed star. They are all mountain plants, but some are from rocks and stony places, some from grassy meadows, and some from woods.
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Leontopodium cf. nanum

Unidentified edelweiss with narrow, silver-grey leaves.

Leontopodium himalayanum

Large edelweiss starry flower heads and silvery leaves.

Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum

The edelweiss; low mats of grey-green leaves and heads of soft, felty bracts.