Primula Sikkimensis section

The Sikkimensis section contains first-rate plants for places in the garden that are not too hot and dry, or even are very wet. They die down completely in the winter, but in spring make clumps of rounded leaves in distinct stems. Then the tall flower stems grow, each bearing two or three large whorls of flowers. Each flower is on its own long stem (pedicel), so that they arch outwards and downwards. They are wonderfully scented, and are coloured white, cream, yellow, orange, red, maroon or purple, with the insides often covered in cream powder.
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Primula alpicola

Heads of hanging flowers in mixed colours. In Sikkimensis section.

Primula alpicola 'Kevock Sky'

Lovely form with usually large, pale mauve-purple flowers.

Primula florindae

One or two large umbels of scented, pale yellow or orange flowers.

Primula florindae red-flowered

One or two large umbels of scented, red flowers.