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specialist nursery
growing and supplying rare
plants from around the world
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We offer a wide selection of alpine, bog and woodland plants, an exceptional range of bulbs in season and a selection of specialist trees and shrubs.  We have plants from all over the world, grown here on our Scottish nursery.
Our plants are available:
• by mail-order from our online store
    or from our printed catalogue,
• at several flower shows and
• in stunning garden plantings
    which we would be pleased to design for you.

Bulbs can be pre-ordered in season from our online catalogues:
• from February for summer flowering bulbs
   to plant in the Spring;
• from July for spring flowering bulbs
   to plant in the Autumn.

Plant of the Month

Ypsilandra thibetica,
a perfect plant for damp shade, but 
we find it can thrive in the dry too. Flowers are beautifully scented,
starting white and fading to light pink. 

AWARDS - Chelsea Flower Show Gold medallists 2013-2019 & 2022 & 2023;  Farrer Trophy for best Alpine display at an RHS show 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2022;  President's Award for our display at Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Our catalogue is continuously updated and includes many rare and unusual plants we are introducing or re-introducing this year.

We offer plants for your rock garden, woodland or damp area, as well as a selection of herbaceous plants, and trees & shrubs.  We have ground cover plants and some that cope in dry shade, as well as many that are easy to grow.  
You can take a look at our specialities.  We have also put together some collections of plants that we display together at the shows.

Some are only available in small numbers, so you may need to be quick.

If you would like advice as to what might look good in a particular area of your garden, we are very happy to make suggestions. Are you building a rockery, developing a pond, or revamping the herbaceous border?  Do contact us for advice.


We offer an exceptionally wide range of bulbs to pre-order in season, (January to March and July to September).  We publish two bulb catalogues online each year:
• In July for Spring (& Autumn) flowering bulbs to plant in the Autumn;
• In February for Summer flowering bulbs (& dormant plants) to plant in the Spring.

We also offer a specialist bulb list of rare Spring and Autumn bulbs.

Our bulbs are delivered to you fresh, avoiding lengthy storage in warm premises. 
In addition there are some bulbs listed in our main catalogue, which are planted and growing in pots.  These can be bought at any time of the year.


Transform your garden with skilful design and inspired planting plans. We specialise in rock gardens, stream sides and woodlands, creating fabulous planting lists to give colour all through the year. 
We work very closely with clients, helping them to develop their own ideas, to create the garden that they want.
Recently we have been involved in a number of exciting historic rock garden restorations.

We also create whole gardens, working with landscape architects and garden designers.





President's Award and Gold at Chelsea Flower Show

We were honoured to be awarded a Gold medal and the President’s Award at the 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Premier Gold at Harrogate

We were delighted to be awarded a Premier Gold medal for our display at the 2023 Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

First Scone Garden Fair

It was a pleasure to participate in the first Scone Garden Fair, which took place on the lawn outside Scone Palace at the beginning of June.  We can highly recommend this as a day out, with a wonderful range of plants available in a stunning setting.


Harrogate Spring Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Scone Palace Garden Fair

NE England AGS (Ponteland), title tbc
Cleveland AGS, George Forrest

Visit Kevock Garden,
a hillside garden with treasures from around the world.  Our garden slopes down towards the North Esk River, just south of Edinburgh.

It is full of interesting plants, with something in flower every day of the year.

We are happy to open the garden to groups.  All visits are by appointment only, and can include a guided tour.


contact: (for garden visits only)