Primula auricula cultivars

The auriculas have a following all of their own, with special societies and shows. They are sub-divided into categories such as show (with sub-categories edged, self and fancy), alpine (which have no meal on the leaves, so are ideal outside), border, double and gold-laced. They can have amazingly patterned flowers and are often covered with meal. Many kinds are vigorous, and if well fed can do extremely well in pots.
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Primula auricula 'Hawkwood'

Show auricula with grey-edged dark red flowers, with white and yellow centres.

Primula auricula 'Helen Ruane'

Flowers with green floury rims, then greeny yellow, then large white centres.

Primula auricula special seedlings

Flowers in a wide range of colours above rosettes of green leaves.