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  • Family: Primulaceae

Primula allionii 'Apple Blossom'

Sugar pink flowers, shading to white at the centre.

Primula allionii 'Peggy Wilson'

Large, showy, pink flowers.

Primula allionii 'Raymond Wooster'

Rich pink flowers with white eyes.

Primula allionii x pubescens 'Lilac Fairy'

Dome of neat foliage covered with a mass of pink-purple flowers.

Primula alpicola

Heads of hanging flowers in mixed colours. In Sikkimensis section.

Primula auricula 'Redstart'

A fancy show auricula with a red body and mealy grey edge.

Primula auricula special seedlings

Flowers in a wide range of colours above rosettes of green leaves.

Primula auricula 'Spring Meadows'

An outer ring of green outside yellow, a large white ring and a yellow centre.

Primula auricula subsp. bauhinii

Yellow, white-eyed flowers over particularly mealy foliage.

Primula auricula subsp. ciliolata

Very mealy leaves with notched edges and yellow flowers with a white eye.

Primula auriculata

Spherical umbels of rich reddish purple or paler flowers; from the Caucasus.

Primula bulleyana

Candelabra type with whorls of orange-yellow flowers.