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Iris graminea

Flowers with purple standards and violet falls nestling in the foliage.

Incarvillea zhongdianensis

Showy, very bright pink trumpet flowers on a short stem.

Iris setosa var. arctica

Lovely lavender blue flowers with silver veining above sword-shaped leaves.

Iris innominata

Tough, narrow leaves and yellow, straw or buff flowers.

Iris lazica

Luminous lilac flowers set low among pointed green leaves.

Iris kerneriana

A lovely narrow-leaved iris with clear yellow and cream flowers.

Iris douglasiana

Two or three bluish purple flowers with reddish-purple falls on each stem.

Incarvillea grandiflora

Deep crimson pink, large trumpet-shaped flowers.

Iris tectorum

Large, pale purple flowers with darker markings, for a sunny site.

Iris cf. bulleyana

Dark-veined mid purple flowers, yellow zone on falls.

Iris tectorum 'Alba'

Large, white flowers with yellow centre, for a sunny site.

Iris cf. pontica

Dwarf iris with violet-blue flowers.