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About Kevock Garden Plants
Our aims
This is the first column of our aims. They should spread across the multiple columns along the top of the about us page. You can type as much as you like and ideally the columns should appear as one 50% column and then 2x25% columns.
And this is the text to appear in the second and third columns. Unfortunately there is no easy way to overflow the first column into these two columns.

Our team
Elea Strang

Brief biography
Graham Gunn

A brief biography of Graham Gunn

Nursery history
And this is a full and detailed history of the nursery displayed across two columns spanning the whole width of the web page. One or more pictures are then displayed below. These are added using the Pictures section of the content editor.

George Forrest
This section is all about George Forrest. This is the first part of that section and spans half the page (with an image displayed to the right)
If you want then you can follow the single (half page width) column with two further columns containing the text displayed here....

This section is all about employment and volunteering. It appears in two columns at the bottom of the about us web page and has an optional picture to the right.