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Sternbergia sicula

The Sternbergias are autumn-flowering bulbs with crocus-like flowers, in most cases golden yellow. Unlike crocuses, which are in the iris family (Iridaceae) and the so-called autumn crocuses (Colchicum), which are in the lily family (Liliaceae or Colchicaceae), these are related to daffodils, in the Amaryllidaceae. They like sunny, well-drained sites.

Sternbergia sicula has spectacular yellow flowers that appear to sprout from the bare earth. Narrow green leaves with an attractive silver stripe on the upper part follow later.

Pot Size 1 bulb
Width 10cm
Height 25cm
Family Amaryllidaceae
Flowering Autumn
Garden habitat sun or partial shade
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range 20 - 60 cm


1 bulb 5.00
Sternbergia sicula
Sternbergia sicula Sternbergia sicula Sternbergia sicula
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