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Corydalis ambigua
This bulb is not available this season.  To see our current bulb catalogue, please visit our bulb catalogue page.

These are herbaceous plants, tall and short, that have fleshy roots, quickly spreading to give good clumps of flowering stems. To multiply the plants, lift the roots every few years and simply mix them with more compost and spread them around - there is no need to plant individual pieces. The flowers are the usual characteristics shape, in many varieties in shades of blue.

Corydalis ambigua is an excellent plant for a shady site with leafy soil. It makes spreading mats of dissected foliage, with typical Corydalis-shaped flowers of sky blue, with just a hint of violet.

Quantity 1 bulb
Width 20cm
Height 10cm
Family Papaveraceae
Flowering Early spring
Garden habitat partial or full shade
Soil humus rich soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range 6 - 20 cm


1 bulb 13.00