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Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Heiler Hybrids'

The pasque flowers are a delight in the spring, with their multiply dissected leaves and large, silky flowers. These come in a variety of colours, but always have the colour of the petals (strictly tepals) repeated in the stigma, with these two areas of matching colour separated by a ring of bright yellow stamens. Flowers are followed by wonderful fluffy seeds. They are all excellent plants for a rock garden or raised bed. It is said that they resent being moved, but also that they can be propagated by root cuttings! Take your pick: my advice is to leave them alone.

Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Heiler Hybrids' is the pasque flower, a delight in the spring, with its multiply dissected leaves and large, silky flowers. These hybrids range from dark red to pink, violet, cream and white.

Pot Size 1 litre pot
Width 25cm
Height 30cm
Family Ranunculaceae
Flowering Spring
Garden habitat open, sunny position
Soil alkaline, well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range


1 litre pot 6.00
Plants Available: 30
Quantity Required:
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