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Campanula 'Samantha'

All these small campanulas have masses of bell-shaped flowers, in the blue / purple / white colour range, in mid or late summer. Most of the small species are plants for sunny, well-drained positions on rockeries or raised beds, and many can be grown in walls by scattering seed. Some have a distinct preference for limestone, and a few need to avoid winter wet. See also Adenophora and Edraianthus for some related species, and Codonopsis for some climbing relatives. Also Cyananthus for some fine, low plants with trailing stems.

Campanula 'Samantha' makes low mats, covered with quite large (5 cm across), upward facing, lavender blue flowers. It is good in rock gardens, but can also be used to edge borders or grown in pots and other containers.

Quantity 9 cm pot
Width 20cm
Height 20cm
Family Campanulaceae
Flowering Late spring to mid summer
Habitat detail sun or partial shade
Garden habitat Alpine winter / sunny summer
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range 6 - 20 cm


9 cm pot 4.00
Campanula  'Samantha'
Campanula  'Samantha' Campanula  'Samantha'
Plants Available: 30
Quantity Required:
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