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Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Billow'

Most cultivated hydrangeas, lacecaps and mopheads, have been bred to give large heads of showy flowers. (It is actually the sterile flowers around the edges of the heads that provide almost all of the colour.) The species are much more refined, but just about all of them are excellent garden plants, and provide colour and interest in late summer and autumn. They grow in similar conditions to rhododendrons, so complement them extremely well. There are a very few climbing species, which provides further opportunities for growing them to give impact in the garden.

Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Billow' is a particularly attractive lacecap, with clusters of light blue flowers, which turn a beautiful deep crimson as they age. Its' foliage turns burgundy in Autumn. This Hydrangea's parents originate from a wooded mountainside in Korea.

Pot Size 4 litre pot
Width 400cm
Height 3.5m
Family Hydrangeaceae
Flowering June to august
Garden habitat sun or partial shade
Soil any good, garden soil
Plant category Shrub
Height range


4 litre pot 20.00
Plants Available: 3
Quantity Required:
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