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Primula 'Orange Flame'

The candelabra primulas (the Proliferae section) are wonderful plants, originating from China and the Himalaya, for woodland or damp, even extremely wet, places. They make clumps of strong leaves, deciduous in some species and persisting through the winter in others, and then send up their tall stems. At intervals up the stems there are whorls of ten or so flowers, each ring opening in succession, perhaps one every five or six days, . As there can be up to six, even seven, whorls, that gives an exceptional flowering period. So there can be a mass of colour and that colour can be brilliant orange or yellow, red, pink, white, even dark maroon.

Primula 'Orange Flame' is a hybrid grown by Jim Jermyn, with bright orange flowers, not unlike those of 'Inverewe', perhaps a little less bright and with the plants not quite so tall. But 'Orange Flame differs importantly in being fertile.

Quantity 1 litre pot
Width 30cm
Height 70cm
Family Primulaceae
Flowering Late spring to early summer
Habitat detail damp places, partial shade
Garden habitat Alpine winter / part shade summer
Soil fertile, well drained soil
Plant category Herbaceous
Height range 60 cm - 1.2 m


1 litre pot 6.00
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