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Anemone coronaria 'Mister Fokker'

Great plants for a bright, showy spring display, or for cutting. Perhaps reflecting their Mediterranean origins, they produce velvety, exotic, relatively large (up to 8 cm across) blooms in red, blue or white, with anthers and stamens in matching colours. They have delicately lobed 3-palmate leaves. They should be kept dry during their dormant period after flowering; mulch in winter. They have generated many cultivars.

Anemone coronaria 'Mister Fokker' has violet-blue flowers.

Quantity 140 bulbs
Width 20cm
Height 20cm
Family Ranunculaceae
Flowering Early summer to mid autumn
Habitat detail sunny
Garden habitat Open sunny
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range 6 - 20 cm


140 bulbs 14.00
Anemone coronaria (blue) SDR6205
Anemone coronaria (blue) SDR6205 Anemone coronaria 'Mister Fokker': photo iBulb