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Androsace studiosorum

Androsace studiosorum has tight rosettes of small, hairy leaves, which produce short stems, each with a cluster of bright pink flowers with a deeper red eye. It quickly spreads by runners to give a mat of rosettes. It survives well in the open, but flowers better if protected from the worst of the winter wet. This form has been around under the names Androsace primuloides and Androsace sarmentosa.

Low mat of rosettes with bright pink flowers with a yellow eye.

Quantity 1 litre pot
Width 25cm
Height 10cm
Family Primulaceae
Flowering Early summer
Habitat detail open, sunny rockery or raised bed
Garden habitat Alpine winter / sunny summer
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range 6 - 20 cm


1 litre pot 5.00
Androsace studiosorum
Androsace studiosorum Androsace studiosorum Androsace studiosorum
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