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Sorbus aronioides

This is the part of the genus Sorbus that contains the whitebeams, which have been considered to be a separate genus, Aria. Unlike the rowans, they have simple leaves, quite broad, often turning yellow in autumn, and they have quite large, red fruit. Many of the species are of very limited distribution, so they are rare both wild and in cultivation.

Sorbus aronioides is a whitebeam from China and Burma, whose name suggests that it is like Aronia, chokeberry. Well, there is a vague resemblance in the leaves. Better to think of it as a whitebeam, with leaves that are wrinkled when fresh in spring, smooth later, and white flowers followed by red fruit in autumn, when the leaves turn bright orange.

Quantity 5 litre pot
Width 500cm
Height 6m
Family Rosaceae
Flowering Late spring to early summer
Habitat detail mixed forests
Garden habitat Open sunny
Soil any good garden soil
Plant category Tree
Height range >2 m


5 litre pot 18.00
Sorbus aronioides
Sorbus aronioides Sorbus aronioides
Plants Available: 2
Quantity Required:
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