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Sorbus cf. vilmorinii

This genus includes the rowans (mountain ash) and whitebeams, and this present group consists of the rowans, technically known as the Aucuparia section. These are small, graceful trees or shrubs with attractive foliage, which in the rowans is usually pinnate, toothed or lobed and provides good autumn colour. In spring or early summer they produce dense corymbs of frothy white or pinkish flowers, which are followed by fruit varying in colour depending on the species. Many species are apomictic, i.e. self-fertile, and so seedlings are clones of the parent. For this reason there are many species, groups of which can be similar to one another.

Sorbus cf. vilmorinii is an elegant, medium-sized rowan, distinguished from most species by having pink flowers instead of white. The leaves are highly divided into about 13 pairs of rounded, toothed leaflets, mid green and turning bright red in autumn. This collection, from the Doshong La, appears to be the same species as KR5100, but KR5100A is something completely different.

Quantity 3 litre pot
Width 250cm
Height 4m
Family Rosaceae
Flowering Early summer, fruit in autumn
Habitat detail mountain woods
Garden habitat Open sunny
Soil any good garden soil
Plant category Shrub
Height range >2 m


3 litre pot 12.00
Sorbus cf. vilmorinii KR5095
Sorbus cf. vilmorinii KR5095
Plants Available: 13
Quantity Required:
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