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Androsace sarmentosa

Androsace sarmentosa is a name that was for a long time applied incorrectly to Androsace studiosorum. The real thing is a rather more delicate plant, with small, lax rosettes of hairy leaves, spreading by runners. The flowers are pink with a yellow eye.

Lax rosettes of hairy leaves, flowers pink with yellow eyes.

Quantity 9 cm pot
Width 25cm
Height 5cm
Family Primulaceae
Flowering Late spring
Habitat detail stony places
Garden habitat Alpine winter / part shade summer
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range < 6 cm


9 cm pot 4.00
Androsace sarmentosa
Androsace sarmentosa Androsace sarmentosa Androsace sarmentosa
Plants Available: 17
Quantity Required:
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