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Bulb catalogues

We publish two bulb catalogues each year. The main one comes out in April or May, and contain bulbs to plant in the following Autumn, for flowering in Autumn (or a few cases Winter) and in the following Spring. We also have a catalogue of bulbs and other dormant plants for planting in Spring, and this one is published in January. Most of these will flower in the Summer.

At present we can't accept orders for bulbs

However, you can still browse the most recent catalogues - and see what you missed! Most of the bulbs will be available when the catalogues are next issued, and there will be lots of new ones.

Autumn and Spring-flowering bulbs - next catalogue expected in April/May 2017

Click here to see the 2016 catalogue - but you can't order from it!

Summer-flowering bulbs and other plants - next catalogue expected in January 2018

Click here to see the 2017 catalogue - but you can't order from it!


We aim to keep prices as low as possible, and as we are able to get the most favourable ‘large quantity’ rates from Dutch suppliers, we can pass that benefit on to you, so in most cases our prices are exceptional value. But quality is not compromised. Where we have a choice, we always offer the largest size of bulb available.

Catalogue updates

If you would like to register with us, we will send you an e-mail message when the next new catalogue becomes available. To register, send an email with the title 'Bulb catalogue request' to bulbs@kevockgarden.co.uk.

Only contact information will be stored in our computer, and that information will not be passed to any third party.

How to order

The easiest way to order and pay for your bulbs is through the on-line store. Just click on the "Buy bulbs" button to go staight there. buy bulbs now

If you prefer, you can place your order using a form, which can be emailed to us.

Special offer of rare bulbs - open until the end of June

We are pleased to be able to offer again some bulbs that are rarely available, grown by Antoine Hoog in France. Many are propagated from special forms that were originally found in the wild, some of them many years ago, by Antoine, his father Michael, or other famous people, but the bulbs for sale are all cultivated. Thank you, Antoine, for growing them and making them available to us.

Autumn-flowering and spring-flowering bulbs are included in a single list. We expect to deliver the bulbs in late August or early September - early enough that you should be able to enjoy the autumn ones flowering this year. The rest should flower in spring 2018.

The list of bulbs can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or as a pdf file.

About 50 of the varieties listed are new – never before included in one of our bulb catalogues. You can easily find them in the list, as they don't have descriptions! Sorry – we just haven't had time, but you can search the web as well as we can.

Ordering the special-offer bulbs

Bulbs growing in pots

We also have some bulbs listed in our main catalogue. These are planted and growing in pots. They can be bought at any time of the year, and so are useful when you need some for a planting project, or to provide a colourful gift.