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Tulipa sprengeri 'Trotter's form'

There are hundreds or thousands of varieties of hybrid tulips, most of which are tall and have large flowers. The species are usually more restrained, but are just as beautiful, and some would say more so.

Tulipa sprengeri 'Trotter's form' is remarkable for a tulip, as it flourishes in conditions that might be thought of as more suitable for primulas; cool, shady, damp. It flowers much later than most tulips, typically in May here in Scotland, and its brilliant red flowers are striking. This is a slightly taller form, with slightly larger brillianr red flowers, attributed to Dick Trotter.

Pot Size 1 bulb
Width 20cm
Height 50cm
Family Liliaceae
Flowering Late spring
Garden habitat sun or partial shade
Soil humus rich soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range


1 bulb 7.00
Tulipa sprengeri 'Trotter's form'
Tulipa sprengeri 'Trotter's form'
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