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Oxalis 'Ione Hecker'

These lovely spring flowers have clover-like, delicate, fresh green foliage (they are often called shamrocks). The five-petalled, bowl- or cup-shaped flowers open and close depending on the level of sunlight - closing when it's overcast and at night.

Oxalis 'Ione Hecker' has open funnel-shaped, violet-blue flowers marked with deep purple veins and and dark purple throats.

Quantity 3 bulbs
Width 10cm
Height 5cm
Family Oxalidaceae
Flowering Summer
Habitat detail rock garden or raised bed
Garden habitat Alpine winter / sunny summer
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range < 6 cm


3 bulbs 4.00
Oxalis 'Ione Hecker'
Oxalis 'Ione Hecker'
Plants Available: 30
Quantity Required:
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