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Desfontainia spinosa

A magnificent shrub, hardy here in eastern Scotland, but best in a sheltered spot. It is evergreen, with prickly leaves like those of holly, but rather smaller. The flowers, like those of so many South American plants pollenated by hummingbirds, are tubular and scarlet, in this case yellow at the mouth.

Evergreen shrub with holly-like leaves and tubular red, yellow-mouthed flowers.

Pot Size 2 litre pot
Width 150cm
Height 2m
Family Loganiaceae
Flowering Late summer
Garden habitat sun or partial shade
Soil acidic, humus rich soil
Plant category Shrub
Height range 1.2 - 2 m


2 litre pot 12.00
Desfontainia spinosa
Desfontainia spinosa Desfontainia spinosa Desfontainia spinosa
Plants Available: 23
Quantity Required:
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