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Synthyris missurica var. stellata

Symphyandras are just like Campanulas, separated on a botanical technicality, but just as good. (The stamens are joined together, to make a tube that surrounds the style.) There are tall ones and small ones, mostly liking gritty, well-drained sites in full sun. Some will grow on dry walls. Symphyandra zangezura is particularly effective for us grown in this way.

Synthyris missurica var. stellata is a clump-forming evergreen woodlander, with glossy heart-shaped leaves and spikes of violet-blue flowers. Known as Western mountain kittentails in its native NW USA.

Pot Size 1 litre pot
Width 20cm
Height 20cm
Family Plantaginaceae
Flowering Mid spring to early summer
Garden habitat partial or full shade
Soil moist, fertile, well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range


1 litre pot 7.00
Synthyris missurica stellata
Synthyris missurica stellata Synthyris missurica stellata Synthyris missurica stellata
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