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Adenophora khasiana

This is a genus closely related to Campanula, with the common name Ladybells, with both tall and dwarf species. They have leafy, erect stems with spikes of bell flowers, usually in shades of purple-blue.

Adenophora khasiana bears its tall spikes of lavender blue flowers on numerous arching stems. Originally from NE India, where it is known as 'Lady Bells'.

Pot Size 2 litre pot
Width 30cm
Height 90cm
Family Campanulaceae
Flowering Summer
Garden habitat sun or partial shade
Soil any good, garden soil
Plant category Herbaceous
Height range 60 cm - 1.2 m


2 litre pot 9.00
Adenophora khasiana
Adenophora khasiana Adenophora khasiana Adenophora khasiana
Plants Available: 9
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