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Sedum (Phedimus) kamtschaticum var. floriferum 'Weihenstephaner Gold'

Sedums (stonecrops) are easy plants with succulent foliage, often brightly coloured, either all year or at certain seasons. In this group are the small varieties, suitable for rock gardens, raised beds and troughs. There are clusters of starry flowers, often yellow, but there are also pink and white ones.

Sedum (Phedimus) kamtschaticum var. floriferum 'Weihenstephaner Gold' has low-growing rosettes of mid-green leaves, in summer thick with golden yellow, starry flowers.

Pot Size 9 cm pot
Width 50cm
Height 10cm
Flowering Late spring through summer
Garden habitat sun or partial shade
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range 6 - 20 cm


9 cm pot 4.00
Sedum 'Weihenstephaner Gold'
Sedum 'Weihenstephaner Gold'
Plants Available: 30
Quantity Required:
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