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Helleborus niger 'HGC Josef Lemper'

Hellebores are all excellent garden plants, ranging from the small Christmas rose (H. niger) up to some substantial herbaceous perennials, and flowering from mid winter (a highly prized virtue) through spring. Even after the flowers are over, many of them have persistent lime green calyces, which will happily pass for flowers. The tough, leathery leaves persist all year, but it is a good idea to cut them back just before the new ones emerge, so that their beauty can be enjoyed without distraction. Add humus to the soil in autumn.

Helleborus niger 'HGC Josef Lemper' is an upright form of the Christmas rose, bred for a long flowering period. The flowers and leaves appear more or less together, the leaves with up to nine 'fingers' (or toes, since the botantical term is 'pedate'), and the flowers large and clear white, standing up to the worst of winter weather.

Quantity 2 litre pot
Width 25cm
Height 30cm
Family Ranunculaceae
Flowering Early winter to early spring
Habitat detail shady places
Garden habitat Part shade
Soil well drained, humus rich soil
Plant category Herbaceous
Height range


2 litre pot 8.00
Plants Available: 8
Quantity Required:
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