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Gillenia trifoliata

It is really lovely because of its airy and graceful habit. Slender red stems carry masses of flowers which are white, star-shaped and with narrow petals. The leaves are relatively small and in threes, as the name suggests. Keep the seed heads on over autumn to extend the interest. Great addition to the cottage or informal garden, also cuts well for flower arranging.

Impressive flowerer with very pretty white, star-shaped flowers on red stems.

Quantity 2 litre pot
Width 60cm
Height 1m
Family Rosaceae
Flowering Early summer
Habitat detail woodland, partial shade
Garden habitat Part shade
Soil fertile, well drained soil
Plant category Herbaceous
Height range 60 cm - 1.2 m


2 litre pot 8.00
Plants Available: 30
Quantity Required:
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