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Eremurus 'Joanna'
Dry bulbs and bare root plants for delivery in early April (this catalogue is not currently available for purchase and is shown for information only)

These are known as foxtail lilies, on account of the huge, long spikes packed with flowers, opening from the bottom of the spike upwards, which in most varieties are in the colour range from white through cream to yellows and orangey browns. The spikes can be 2 metres or or more tall, and come from amazing roots, which are like a giant starfish. Each one needs a big hole when it is planted! The species come from central Asia, so they tolerate and expect cold winters, but they also like well-drained conditions and some warmth in summer.

Eremurus 'Joanna' has pure white flowers.

Quantity 1 bulb
Width 30cm
Height 2m
Family Asphodelaceae
Flowering Early summer
Garden habitat open, sunny position
Soil any good, garden soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range


1 bulb 14.00
Eremurus Joanna field  Photo: J. Amand
Eremurus Joanna field  Photo: J. Amand