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Allium giganteum

Allium giganteum is a striking plant, both in flower and long afterwards. Atop a tall stem is a huge umbel of hundreds of violet flowers, like an exploding firework. After the flowers have faded, the seed heads remain, gradually drying out, and they can be used for Christ

Hundreds of flowers in a dense, pale violet umbel.

Quantity 5 bulbs
Width 30cm
Height 1.4m
Family Amaryllidaceae
Flowering Early summer
Habitat detail open, sunny places
Garden habitat Open sunny
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range 1.2 - 2 m


5 bulbs 12.00
Allium giganteum
Allium giganteum Allium giganteum : photo iBulb Allium giganteum