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Arisaema serratum var. mayebarae

You love them or hate them. We love them. The Arisaemas, also known as cobra lilies, are distinguished by their hooded spathes, often with a long 'tail' at the tip, along which pollenating insects crawl. They have an interesting sex life. Young plants (they grow from tubers) are male, but when mature they become female, and then have most impressive spikes of red or orange fruits in autumn. If they are starved, they can become male again. They should be mulched in winter to retain a little moisture, or they can be grown in pots, which are sunk in sand or soil.

Arisaema serratum var. mayebarae has flowers that are deep purple and white.

Quantity 1 bulb
Width 40cm
Height 80cm
Family Araceae
Flowering Spring
Habitat detail partly shaded position
Garden habitat Part shade
Soil any good garden soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range 60 cm - 1.2 m


1 bulb 39.00