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The team

Elea Strang

Manages the business, which she owns with her husband, Frank.

Graham Gunn

Nursery manager. He does everything - looking after the site, ensuring plants are kept healthy and tidy, helping with sales, even developing the database.


Responsible for propagation and for looking after students and volunteers and others who help us.


Looks after the plants that have been propagated.


Helps with propagation and the selection of plants for design jobs. She is a florist, and runs her own wedding-flower business.


Sales supervisor. She is responsible for getting plants to customers, whether a few for a mail order, or pallets or vans full for wholesale or design customers. She is also a garden designer (and a qualified architect).

Stella Rankin

Started the nursery when she exchanged English teaching for plants - which don't asnwer back. Her main role now is consulting on design for clients and working on planting plans.

David Rankin

Is also involved in consultancy, particularly on rock gardens. He continues to be involved in shows and with show plants, as well as research projects.

The vital extras

Wolf mows the grass and fixes things. Alan and Janet are regular volunteers, looking after plants and administration. There are other part-timers, and there are several people on various schemes that help to get them into work.


Each year we take on one or more students. Some come on placements from their horticulture courses, and we have had students from France, Austria and China. We welcome applications from students and volunteers, for periods of two or three months up to a whole year.

Family and friends

Anyone who comes by gets involved in helping. There is always something to fix or plumb or sort or type. Family members help out in all sorts of ways, and advice is freely given - if not always acted upon.

Thanks to everyone. It is a great team.

Do contact us. One of us might be able to help.