Rhododendron ex canescens x atlanticum 'Confetti Creeper'

Seedlings from a strap-petalled hybrid of R. canescens and R. atlanticum.
Product code: R2F-2
Rhododendron ex canescens x atlanticum 'Confetti Creeper' is from seed sent by Mike Creel, who raises hybrid american azaleas. The seed parent is a hybrid of Rhododendrons canescens and atlanticum, in which the petals are narrow, so this characteristic is
Product specifications
Quantity 2 litre pot
Width 150 cm
Height 1 m
Family Ericaceae
Flowering late spring
Habitat detail sunny, open hills
Garden habitat Part shade
Soil Ericaceous
Plant category shrub
Height range 60 cm - 1.2 m
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