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Primula ex 'Kath Dryden'

Seedlings from magnificent plant with large, yellow flowers.

Polygonatum biflorum

Large Solomon's Seal with arching branches and greenish white flowers.

Primula allionii x pubescens 'Lilac Fairy'

Dome of neat foliage covered with a mass of pink-purple flowers.

Penstemon campanulatus

Mats of grey-green leaves with heads of lovely purplish flowers.

Penstemon confertus

Spikes of many pale lemon yellow flowers.

x Phylliopsis hillieri 'Askival'

Dwarf ericaceous shrub with glossy green leaves and bright purple-pink flowers.

Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Alba'

White flowered form of the pasque flower; soft foliage and large flowers.

Primula rupicola

Small rosettes and several pink widely open flowers.

Primula lutea

Yellow, white or yellow-eyed flowers over mealy-rimmed foliage.

Primula cuneifolia

Flat rosettes of toothed leaves and short stems with rose pink flowers.

Primula calderiana purple-flowered

Petiolares section. Clusters of dark purple flowers.

Potentilla aff. polyphylla ex

A low mat with clusters of bright yellow flowers.