New Kevock Garden Plants on-line store.

02 November 2012

Welcome to our new store. It is designed to be used with tablets and smart phones, as well as desktop and laptop computers. The plants and the information about them are the same, but it will run more efficiently, and allow us flexibility in the way we present our plants to you.

Payment is now by PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, you will be able to access it directly. Otherwise you just provide credit card details, and they are processed by PayPal. Google Checkout is ceasing to exist.

We don't keep your passwords in a form that we can access, so the first time you use the new store you will have to enter a password. Your user name will be the same as before - and if you can't remember what it was, just register as a new user, using your email address as your user name.

Once again the catalogue has lots of interesting and unusual plants, many that we have not offered before. They come from all over the world – a truly international collection – and as many as possible are tested in our own Scottish garden. We hope you will enjoy the challenge of these plants and enjoy the wonderful flowers and foliage they bring. Some are only available in small numbers, so you may need to be quick!

There will be occasional updates through the year, and these will be announced by news messages here and on our website home page.