Galanthus x allenii

Broad, grey-green leaves and single flowers with a simple green V marking.


Galium odoratum

Starry white flowers over whorled green leaves. Excellent ground cover.


Gaultheria itoana

Creeping shrub with glossy green leaves and white summer berries.


Gentiana acaulis f. alba 'Snowstorm'

Trumpet gentian with huge white flowers, spotted green.


Gentiana acaulis 'Krumrey'

Large, brilliant blue trumpet flowers.


Gentiana angustifolius ex 'Frei hybrid'

Seedlings from selected large-flowered form of the blue trumpet gentian.


Gentiana asclepiadea

The willow gentian, with many tubular, gentian-blue flowers.


Gentiana asclepiadea 'Knightshayes'

Form of the willow gentian with distinctive flared flowers, gentian blue.


Gentiana asclepiadea 'Phyllis'

Form of the willow gentian with pale egg-shell blue flowers.


Gentiana cf. decumbens

Tall stems packed with rich blue trumpet flowers in the upper part.


Gentiana 'Eugen's Allerbester'

A splendid double autumn gentian with intense blue trumpet flowers.


Gentiana gracilipes

Easy-growing Gentian with abundant bright blue flowers.