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Androsace rotundifolia

Dense umbels of yellow-eyed pink flowers.

Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'

Copper brown foliage with spikes of bright yellow flowers.

Lysimachia lichiangensis

Attractive grey, white-veined leaves; spikes of pale pink, red-veined flowers.

Primula (Dodecatheon) clevelandii

Bright pink flowers with maroon centre surrounded by a yellow band.

Primula (Dodecatheon) jeffreyi subsp. pygmaeum

Small form of this woodlander with reflexed-petal flowers, bright pink.

Primula (Dodecatheon) pauciflora

Deep pink flowers with maroon, white and yellow centres.

Primula allionii 'Apple Blossom'

Sugar pink flowers, shading to white at the centre.

Primula allionii 'Peggy Wilson'

Large, showy, pink flowers.