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Triosteum pinnatifidum

Herbaceous honeysuckle relative with short spike of white berries in autumn.

Trollius vaginatus

Dwarf globeflower with large, buttercup-like yellow flowers.

Spiraea schneideriana

Unidentified species with masses of tiny leaves, bright yellow in autumn

Stachys monieri white-flowered

White-flowered form of the alpine betony; hairy leaf rosettes.

Thalictrum uchiyamae

Tall stems with lavender-pink flowers over attractive, divided foliage.

Sorbus eugenii-kelleri

Rare Hungarian whitebeam with clusters of white flowers and red fruit.

Saxifraga paniculata subsp. cartilaginea

A silver saxifrage with pure white flowers.

Scabiosa graminifolia 'Green Dome'

Lilac-pink flowerheads and silver-green grass-like leaves.