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Arisaema nepenthoides

Arisaema nepenthoides is a tall, early-flowering species. The emerging stem has an amazing pattern of pink, green and brown, which then is repeated on the spathe. The middle of the three lobes curves over the spadix like a snake's head - hence the name of cobra lily. Leaves ap

Wonderfully patterned pink, green and brown spathe, like a snake's head.

Quantity 1 bulb
Width 30cm
Height 50cm
Family Araceae
Flowering Late spring to early summer
Habitat detail part shade
Garden habitat Part shade
Soil humus rich soil
Plant category Bulb
Height range 20 - 60 cm


1 bulb 9.00
Arisaema nepenthoides
Arisaema nepenthoides Arisaema nepenthoides Arisaema nepenthoides
Plants Available: 2
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