Wulfenia carinthiaca 'Alba'



Habitat: damp alpine grassland


Soil: with humus and grit


Height: 20 cm


Flowering: late summer


Width: 20 cm



A small genus of alpine plants with just two species, with leathery, rounded, fresh green leaves, and short spikes packed with tubular flowers, usually bright blue but sometimes white. Limited to a couple of small areas of the Carnic Alps and the Balkans.

Wulfenia carinthiaca 'Alba' is the white-flowered form of a plant that is usually blue, with spikes of tubular white flowers above the leaves in late summer, compact enough to find a place in the rock garden. The dark-green scalloped foliage is evergreen.
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Wulfenia - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Wulfenia carinthiaca has small tufts of leaves producing flowering stems, packed for the top third of their length with deep violet blue flowers.