Viola 'Avril Lawson'



Habitat: sun or part shade


Soil: good garden soil


Height: 10 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 30 cm



Viola is a genus with an unusually wide distribution, through most of both northern and southern hemispheres. They include some widespread and easily grown British natives, and South American rosette-forming species that are almost impossible to cultivate. Sadly, we don't have that last group, but our list includes some that are rarely offered for sale in Britain. All have the characteristics viola or pansy flowers.

Viola 'Avril Lawson' is an easy and rewarding hybrid. The flowers are variously described as purple or blue-violet or blue-mauve - anyway, purplish, and with the usual yellow on the lowest petal, splashed with a darker colour. It goes on flowering for ages, as the plants get bigger and bigger.
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Viola - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Viola 'Broughton Blue' is an old favourite, going back 150 years, when it was named after the daughter of Mr Albert Mott of Sunningdale, Berkshire, in whose garden it was raised. It has large flowers, silvery mauve with a pale creamy centre, with a fine fragrance.
viola_bubanii.jpg Viola bubanii is a lovely plant from high in the Pyrenees. The flowers are rich purple, veined with even darker purple, and a small zone at the centre that is yellow, surrounded by white,
viola_cornuta.jpg Viola cornuta provides welcome colour for a long period on our rock garden, gently seeding itself about, but easily removed where it trespasses on other plants' space. We have two colour forms, which seem to come true from seed, although we haven't carried out rigorous scientific experiments. Under this name are plants with flowers of a soft mauve-blue colour.
invisible.gif Viola 'Desdemona' this vigorous cultivar grows into a large clump of pretty, pale violas.
viola_rebecca.jpg Viola 'Rebecca' produces fragrant, cream flowers with mauve frills.
invisible.gif Viola sororia 'Freckles' has lovely white flowers speckled with little blue dots as if they'd been splashed with a paint brush!