Viburnum betulifolium Group



Habitat: full sun to partial shade


Soil: moist, well-drained, fertile


Height: 3 m


Flowering: early to mid summer


Width: 3.0 m



Viburnums are great shrubs. Some are evergreen, some deciduous, but most have very attractive foliage. Flowers, usually white but pink in some kinds, are borne in loose sprays, often in spring or into summer, but in some species throughout the winter, in which case they are deliciously honey-scented. The flowers are followed by clusters of red or black fruit.

Viburnum betulifolium Group is a fine deciduous shrub with arching branches, whose white flowers are followed by hanging clusters of redcurrant-looking fruit.
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Viburnum - some other suggestions
viburnum_opulus_compactum2.jpg Viburnum opulus 'Compactum' is a compact, slow-growing variety of the Guelder rose with lacecap-like flowerheads bearing small, fertile, tubular, white central flowers and large, showy sterile ray florets. Later in the year it has bright red, round fruits, and the lovely, maple-like leaves give red autumn colour.