Veronica prostrata 'Spode Blue' AGM



Habitat: full sun


Soil: moderately fertile well drained soil


Height: 10 cm


Flowering: May-July


Width: 25 cm



The speedwells are well known wild flowers in Britain and throughout Europe. Most are low, spreading plants. With spikes of small flowers along the stems. Each flower, blue in most species, is short-lived, but they open in succession, so give colour over an extended period.

Veronica prostrata 'Spode Blue' has lovely blue flowers in spikes, over a mat of foliage, great as low ground cover in the rock garden.
9 cm pot £4.00

Veronica - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Veronica gentianoides 'Little Blues' has short, bright, light-blue flowering spikes over compact evergreen foliage.
invisible.gif Veronica prostrata is a mat-forming speedwell that will provide good, low ground cover, perhaps to fill gaps in a small rock garden. It has soft, dark green foliage with lovely small pale to dark blue flowers.
invisible.gif Veronica schmidtiana 'Nana' is a lovely dwarf speedwell with dark blue and white flowers.
veronica_spicata_heidekind.jpg Veronica spicata 'Heidekind' has flowers variously described as wine red and raspberry pink (aren't raspberries red?), so iit might be hard to know what to expect of this plant. I would go with cerise. Whatever the flower colour, they come in a short spike (short enough to allow the plants into a rock garden or raised bed), and look great above the silvery grey leaves.
invisible.gif Veronica wormskjoldii comes from alpine regions, but often in mountain forests, widely ranging in North America. It has pairs or whorls of stem leaves, the stems topped with a cluster of purplish blue flowers with darker veins.