Tropaeolum speciosum AGM



Habitat: best in cool, damp, partly shaded places


Soil: with plenty of humus


Height: 1.5 m


Flowering: late summer to mid autumn


Width: 1.0 m

  tropaeolum_speciosum.jpg   tropaeolum_speciosum_fruit.jpg    

  Tropaeolum speciosum   Tropaeolum speciosum fruit    

These are all beautiful climbers, or occasionally speading over the ground, usually with bright colours. Some are yellow, others orange, bright red, even blue. They all originate from South America. Some are easy and vigorous, but others are more tricky, best grown in pots with protection from excessive winter wet.

Tropaeolum speciosum can look wonderful, climbing up a dark-leaved tree or shrub, perhaps a yew hedge or a rhododendron, with its trailing, slender stems carrying a succession of scarlet flowers, followed by pairs of dark blue fruit. Some people find it hard to establish. Fo
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