Trollius chinensis orange



Habitat: damp places


Soil: with plenty of humus


Height: 1 m


Flowering: early summer


Width: 80 cm



This genus consists of plants for damp places, with large flowers, usually yellow, and includes the globeflower, Trollius europaeus, so familiar in the Alps.

Trollius chinensis orange is an orange-flowered variety of this species, which has wide-open flowers rather than the usual globes.
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Trollius - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Trollius asiaticus is the beautiful Asian globeflower, with finely divided bronze-green foliage and bright orange or dark yellow blooms.
trollius_yunnanensis.jpg Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen' is a fine selected form of this species.
invisible.gif Trollius x cultorum 'Alabaster' is a distinctive variety with large, semi-double, globular flowers that are pale creamy yellow.
trollius_x_cultorum.jpg Trollius x cultorum 'Lemon Queen' is an attractive cultivar with pale yellow globular flowers above finely divided toothed leaves.
invisible.gif Trollius europaeus 'Lemon Supreme' is a compact form of the globeflower with lemon yellow flowers rather than the usual buttercup yellow.
trollius_europaeus4.jpg Trollius europaeus is an excellent plant, good for a herbaeous border (if it is not too dry) or a bog garden. The globular, buttercup-yellow flowers are freely produced on tall stems.
trollius_pumilus.jpg Trollius farreri var. farreri is clump-forming and in spring produces deep golden flowers which are often flushed red on the outside.
invisible.gif Trollius farreri var. major has very short stems with bright yellow flowers. It came from a very poor area of wet pasture, an opening in the forest, at about 4000 m.
trollius_ircuticus.jpg Trollius ircuticus is a good tall plant for a pond edge or bog garden. On tall stems it produces rounded, bowl-shaped orange flowers with a ring of conspicuous stamens.
invisible.gif Trollius macropetalus is closely related to Trollius chinensis, and is included in that species by some botanists. It has flowers that open widely (not globular, like many species including the European T. europaeus), in a colour range from golden yellow through to orange, with many petals - typically 15 to 20. It comes from the north-east of China and nearby areas of east Asia - very cold in winter.
invisible.gif Trollius ranunculoides is a compact form of the globe flower, but with the usual large buttercup yellow flowers. The green foliage is deeply toothed and fern-like.
invisible.gif Trollius vaginatus produces small single yellow flowers on stout short stems. The pale green foliage is unusually small and deeply toothed with a lime colour tint. Very pretty and compact.
trollius_yunnanensis2.jpg Trollius yunnanensis orange-flowered is an orange-flowered variety.