Triosteum himalayanum



Habitat: part shade


Soil: with some humus


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: summer (fruit in autumn)


Width: 25 cm

  IMG_7809.jpg   triosteum_himalayanum.jpg   triosteum_himalayanum2.jpg

  Triosteum himalayanum   Triosteum himalayanum   Triosteum himalayanum

are herbaceous plants that are related to honeysuckle, but are grown primarily for their fruit, which grow in tight clumps just over the leaves, and are red or white, depending on the species. They are easily grown and long-lived, thriving in partial shade under deciduous trees or with small shrubs.

Triosteum himalayanum has rounded, rough leaves, and clusters of large, round, red fruit, held barely above the leaves. The flowers are rather small, but rather pretty if you look closely.
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Triosteum - some other suggestions
triosteum_pinnatifidum2.jpg Triosteum pinnatifidum has pinnate leaves and quite large, pure white fruit, so looks very attractive in late summer and autumn. It is much less often seen in cultivation (or in the wild) than the red-fruited Triosteum himalayanum.